La Jetée

Chris Marker

October 13 | 8:00 pm

Pineapple Lab is thrilled to bring you the next installment of our Dark Room Series…

A One Night Only Screening of the famed 1962 French science fiction featurette “LA JETEE” by Chris Marker, masterfully re-invisioned and live-scored by Manila-based sound artist Dipolair, and live-narrated Jehan Paulo Udani.

Classic cinema, sound art, and spoken word collide and merge in what’s sure to be a transcendental (that’s the poetic term for badass) experience.

The evening will also feature a pre-screening performance by Manila-based ambient sound artist Paincake Patrol!

Come be entranced as images from the past and a soundscape from the future intersect to convey a present caught somewhere between the two.