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Flow Collective

The Flow Collective is a community of modern movement and circus arts practitioners in Manila, Philippines. Formed in 2014, The Flow Collective aims to support the growing community, to spread awareness about flow arts and to make it more accessible to the public.

The Flow Collective has been active in its mission through various initiatives such as organizing flow jams, gatherings, classes, and workshops around the metro to bring the community together and to welcome interested parties as well.

The Flow Collective has also spearheaded the Flow Art Show – the first show of its kind in the country where the flow arts was taken to a theater setting, showing it in a new light and allowing the artists and the audience to explore a deeper expression of the flow arts. Since 2014, the Flow Art Show has had 4 shows – Flow Art Show (August 2014), QuantoSalto: A Flow Art Show (FringeMNL, February 2015), and Ein Sof: A Flow Art Show (FringeMNL, February 2016) and Ein Sof 2: A Flow Art Show (May 2016).