Chai Time Stories


September 03 | 4:30 pm

From fables & folklore
to Manto & Tagore.
Mythology from yore
and a lot more in store.
Hot cuppa Chai,
and stories galore!

You’re invited to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of story-telling while sipping hot chai with Divya

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ABOUT Divya Lalitha // Creative Practitioner. Storyteller. Film-maker. Photographer. Cinematographer. Visual Artist. Writer. Entrepreneur. Learner. SCUBA Diver. Travel Enthusiast. Nature Lover. Khrōmatopsychè.

“My tryst with stories began as a toddler. I grew up with my grandparents and my grandad had a story for every occasion. The days I refused to wake up and lazed around in bed, he narrated the story of a lazy boy named Chanku and how he married a Princess, but only when he stopped being lazy.

On days when I refused to eat my greens, he narrated the story of a husband who despised greens. On one occasion, when his wife served him spinach, in a fit of rage he flung it upon the freshly white-washed walls. He accidentally happened to lick what remained in his hands and boy he fell in love with it. So much that he couldn’t help eating it off the wall!

From mythology to history to folklore, I literally ate, drank and breathed stories. Unknown to myself, until recently, I have taken after my grandad for the love of stories and narrating the same.

Chai time stories will be about sharing with you some of my favourite short stories from folklore to fables and mythology to literature of Indian origin, some written by very eminent writers.

These are stories that I fell in love with the first time I read them, and with every other read I only discovered more and more layers to them. Words in the stories have remained the same but new perspectives emerge rendering it a different meaning each time I revisit them.Some of these stories are more than a 100 years old.

I will be narrating one story at a time over a series of evenings.

Of course, all this and more over a few cuttings of Masala Chai!”