Bakla, Bakla Paano Ka Ginawa?! A Gay-la Night

The Star Ore

October 18 | 7:00 pm

Once upon a time, a spacecraft landed on Earth. It came from the Planet Hoopvilla. The Star Ore, the only surviving specie of the Planet Hoopvilla. He is made out of a golden heart and wooden legs. Exploding light and energy in every performance to fuel his spacecraft to bring him back to his home planet.

Baklesque Ph, Burlesque PH, B Side Productions and Pineapple Lab present “Bakla, Bakla Paano Ka Ginawa?!: A Gay-la Night Show”, a fundraising event that celebrates The Star Ore’s artistic journey through Flow Arts and Burlesque as he embarks to NYC for the THE 6TH ANNUAL NY BOYLESQUE FESTIVAL in November!

This is will also be a birthday pop up fiesta of his drag daughter of Star, Foxxxy Gray! There will be games and an incredible lineup of performances featuring the Flow Arts Community and Burlesque. Dress up, dress down and let’s get GAY!

Ticket Price: 350 PHP
You can also donate thru PayPal at