The Gallery at Pineapple Lab is an incubator of artistic expression and a reflection of the Philippines’ evolving contemporary visual arts scene. It champions Filipino and Fil-X artists to be able to exhibit their works while giving exposure to their pieces and access to the general public. Partnerships with cultural organizations and international visual arts collaborations are also programmed throughout the year to sit alongside local works.



Exhibit Dates: June 8th to 27th 2017

Pineapple Lab invites you to the Artist Reception of “Shattering Inhibitions: The Women I Let Out” featuring the works of artist, traveler and self-confessed rebel Cyd Chua. This solo exhibit will feature 15 paintings that reflect the artist’s desires, fantasies and experiences in life.

Dress Code: ALL BLACK

When we asked Cyd Chua what her favorite medium to paint with was, she smiled shyly and said, “Wine.”

While it’s true that Cyd is often seen with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of red on the other, she stabs at some deeper characteristic in her work when she cracks this coquettish joke… There is something Dionysian, something orgiastic in that classic Greek way that hits you when you take in her works.

Underneath the strict palette she limits her forms to – deep blacks, crackly whites and grayish hues – there is a wildness thrumming. It is as if a cage is about to crack open; an aching tension in the taut limbs, the arched curving spines, and upturned jaws she gestures unto her canvasses are a statement that speak of the power of the feminine form; the beauty that reverberates like dancing heat from all those who choose to remain resilient.


Pollock and Krasner

Pollock and Krasner in the Room

by Nolet Soliven

Our People

Our People

by Solenn Heussaff


CLUB BERLIN: An Exhibition on Electronic Music and Photography

Portable Apparitions

Portable Apparitions

by Sherwin Villano


The Unknown Images

by MJ Suayan