Tides by Philippa Langrish

Exhibit Dates: October 5th to 20th 2017

Pineapple Lab presents Tides, a revelation on Philippa’s appreciation of the Filipino woman and the different stages of their lives. It is an intimate peek into the Filipina persona, frequently divided by necessity, connected by faith and driven by hope. Langrish’s admiration for the local landscape and its people have compelled her to pay homage to these powerful women whose contexts and stories have inspired her. These images, reproduced on maps, symbolize the endurance and capability of women to adapt to their environment and be able to thrive and flourish.

Taking more than a year in developing this series, Philippa’s collection of rubber cut prints and plates mark the different stages of womanhood and aims to capture the nurturing, pensive endurance of a nation seen through the eyes of its mothers, sisters and daughters. Running in parallel to this is the artist’s collection of dry-point, monotype and collograph prints which in turn portray the seascapes and ocean life of the Philippines. Akin to snapshots of the ocean itself these prints can never be exactly reproduced since they are one-off moments in time made by impressions formed of mixed media collages.

Philippa shares, “Tides mark the rhythm of the world – driven by the moon, constant and calm. The ocean both divides us and brings us together. It nourishes destroys and connects us. It reflects the lives of the people living within its islands.” In her subjects’ search for hope, Philippa presents a beauty that we all know of and love.