DINGDING - Traces of Time

Exhibit Dates: November 15-29

Pineapple Lab, in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy, presents Dingding, an exhibition exploring Swiss photographer David Aeneas Giger’s fascination with the beauty in imperfection as seen through photographs of walls taken all over the country. David’s choice of subject stems from his curiosity in seeking humanity in everyday places. The weathering, dirt, dust, vandalism, and aging seen on wall surfaces are not portrayed as emblems of decrepitude, but as signs of life, expressions of emotion, and traces of time.
Through his photographs, what can initially be seen as a staid wall becomes the dynamic representation of the polarizing nature of the Philippine character. She is dark, dirty, run-down, and chaotic in one hand and vibrant, bright, and colorful in the other. David believes that these qualities give the Philippines a unique character, making it a country one either loves or hates. Dingding (which is named after the Tagalog for wall) refers to both physical walls and the barriers that create the socio-economic and emotional disparity apparent in Philippine society, a tension that David attempts to resolve through his photographs.
Opening in time to celebrate sixty years of Swiss-Philippine relations, Dingding is a celebration of diversity, contrast, and the enduring nature of the Filipino people in spite of (and perhaps because of) their circumstances. David wants to show audiences that people and surfaces, through the passage of time, become worn and flawed, but ultimately, beautiful.
About the Artist
David Aeneas Giger is an emerging artist from Switzerland who lives in Bali, Indonesia. His approach to art could best be described in three words: Old is beautiful. His vision is based on the belief that real beauty needs time to grow, that character is shaped by edges and flaws, that character develops only when time has the chance to put its marks on something. This love of the beauty of age and imperfection started with taking photos of old people and continued with walls at the end of 2009. His style of art could be called beautiful decay or beauty of imperfection. But the best fitting description is probably the Japanese tradition called Wabi-Sabi.
His photos from dirty and decayed walls from over 20 countries are very colorful and full of texture. So often they look like abstract paintings. His style is developing further into digital art where he combines his photos of walls with other photos, especially people. Most of his works are available as unique and limited edition prints on canvas and in Sweden also on birch plywood. David Aeneas Giger is also starting some collaborations where his works are used for different sorts of designs. His first international exhibition will take place in Manila in November 2017. All displayed works at the exhibition “Dingding – Traces of Time” will be from the Philippines. Some he collected during several trips to the Visayas and Palawan in 2010. And some are from a very recent trip to Manila at the end of August 2017.