Batanda: A Multimedia Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: September 7th to 9th 2017

Batanda is a Multimedia Art Exhibit by Nakids Collective which highlights a man’s turning point from childhood to adulthood.

The exhibit aims to deliver artworks that will bring its audience to nostalgia and remorse, making them realize how contrasting we are when we are just “kids” (bata), to now that we are “of age” (matanda).

Featuring the works of:
Alyanna Mariz Bantok
Sweetie Caguioa
Angel Duran
Marko Eugenio Frondoza
John Rhofil Icaranom
JD Lacdao
Miguel J. Miranda
Angelika Megan Olpindo
Jacob Pascual

with Guest Exhibitors:
Miguel Anciano
Jane Piedad